Buffet Menu

Our chefs freshly prepare buffets to your requirements from 10 to 50 people. Please see our buffet menu for ideas, or we can prepare to include vegetarian and vegan options.

Savoury Options

Stuffed Vol ‘o’ vents
Seletion of hot, cold, meat, fish and vegetarian fillings.

Mini Hot Dogs
With tomato sauce and American mustard.

Vegetarian and meat.

Mini Pies
Fish, beef, ale and mushroom, chicken and ham topped with mashed potato.

Selection of raw vegetables with homous and tzatziki dips.

Toasted bread slices with a selection of hot, cold, meat, fish and vegetarian toppings.

Chicken Tenders
Strips of seasoned chicken in selection of flavoured breadcrumbs and deep fried. Herbed, spicy, plain, coconut, lemon/black pepper.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Button mushrooms stuffed with caramalised onions and blue cheese, breaded and deep fried.

Vegetarian and meat.

Spring Rolls
Vegetarian and meat.

Sesame Prawn Toasts

Oriental Dim Sum

Cheese and biscuits

Sweet Options

Mini Sugared donuts

Cheesecake pick ups

Chocolate brownies

Fresh fruit salad with cream

All buffet selections are £3 each or a combination of:

3 items £6, 5 items £10 or 8 items £15

per person